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No Fuss Collaboration

Construction Material
Information Mapping

Collect, Visualise, & Co-ordinate the Journey of your Construction
Project's Critical Components like Facades, Offsite built, Unitised Facades, Pre-Fab


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The Construction Supply Chain Visibility platform to ensure your project stays on Track

Single Source of Truth

A unified
workspace to
collaborate with

The project’s critical material journey goes through a lifecycle of its own from fabricated, packed, transported, unloaded, inspected, inventoried, and installed. In order to support this physical flow, a large amount of information gets generated.

Visibility is making informed decisions using the timely and accurate exchange of information between all the stakeholders as the materials move in the supply chain. Source to site information in one place.

Visualized Element Tracking

Critical Path Data

Digitize the collection of project material status with a cloud-based collaborative platform for stakeholders to update status reports, replacing the mundane process of communication via spreadsheets or email chains, making sure no data is lost or misrepresented. Eliminating both human errors and efforts.

Stay on top of your Project's time-critical & expensive elements with a connected platform, thereby saving valuable time that is otherwise spent on documentation & looking for material location & status.

The platform is powered with insightful analytics & real-time progress visualisation in Digital Twin .


A New Way to track your project progress

Project Monitoring with Source to Site Visibility
Production updates from factory floor
Warehouse & Delivery Status
Installation Counts & Productivity
Project Summary & Reports
Progress Monitoring in 3D
Identify Delays or bottleneck

Driving Positive Project Outcomes with Data Clarity

Use data driven decisions to drive efficiency & productivity in your projects. Win more work
x Faster
& accurate data collection.
s of Hours
saved on manual documentation & Factory/site visits
s Saved
through timely data-driven decision making
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Orchestrate Better

The simplest solution to achieve end-to-end traceability.

Each Component tracking from Production floor to on-site Installation & beyond


Save Countless Hours updating data manually & making reports.

Give your workforce the right tools to capture & report progress.


Disruptions, Project Risk, Delays Identification & Productivity analysis

See how your project is progressing on a digital twin pre-embedded on our interactive dashboard


Understand & measure the project's environmental impact.

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A Solution for the Project Stakeholders

Never lose track of anything. Get clear view of your project.

Lattice's solution will prove to be a game-changer to monitor the progress happening onsite & keeping our project team updated in real-time about the potential delays of deliverables.

Deb Dutta Manager at JSW Steel
Use Cases

One Platform for various types of project needs

Digitize project workflow on a single platfrom
Image 3

Facades System

Built offshore, arrive in complex sequence with usually long lead times. Expensive items & contribute up to 30% of a project costs

Image 3

Offsite Built

With rising demand for Modern Methods of Construction, units are being produced in a controlled environment (such as a factory or warehouse) before being transported to the site.

Image 3

Pre-Fab Elements

Precast panels are where floor and wall units are made off-site and transported to be erected on-site to form a solid structure. 

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