Introducing Mapana

Unlock power of maps & location intelligence on your next construction project

Mapana is a no-code tool to create data rich map based workflows & collaborate digitally between office & field teams.

Pain point for infrastructure construction project teams
Chasing emails, paper trails, passing info on whatsapp and endless phone calls to manage complex projects
Lattice pain point
Connect field & office team together into one GIS powered workspace
Lattice pain point
No code asset mapping tools to deliver your next project seamlessly

Automate to organize
project data by location

Build powerful map based workflow

  • Plans CAD, 2D, PDF
  • Work assignment
  • Comments

AI based asset serialization &
route optimization

Based on distance metrics, cluster analysis & road + traffic historic data

  • Estimate of travel time
  • Numbering order based on Distance Metrics route layout/plan

Turn by turn navigation & review assets/issues by location

  • Clustering, heat maps & 3D/2D overlay
  • Generate insights with comprehensive location data

Visualization & digital twin

Project tracking made easy

  • Clustering, heat maps & 3D/2D overlay
  • Generate insights with comprehensive location data
  • Virtual representation of asse ts

Real-time Notifications & Insights

Proactive & data-based decisions and actions

  • Track Progres
  • Field Photos & Updates At One Place
  • Live Updates
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Empowers infrastructure field teams with centralised information and most importantly better visualisation on maps. Mapana is a SaaS-based field operations management platform that digitizes data sharing, data collection and day-to-day communication processes between office and field teams that helps deliver datadriven reporting and analytics to drive efficient and higher-quality outcomes. Imagine your emails, Shareddrive, phone calls, MS Excel all in one platform.
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